About Us

India3-2-1 is a Global Non-profit, Non-partisan Autonomous Organization

India 3-2-1 is a Think Tank based in North Carolina, USA with a mission of building bridge between USA and India, two powerful democracies, at the socio-economical level. It provides a forum for exchange of ideas which will contribute to the ongoing transformation of India into a fully developed nation using the expertise from USA and American Indian community.

India 3-2-1 provides platform for American citizens to share knowledge, experiences as well as build social, economical relationship which will have long term benefits for not only people of two nations but will also have an impact on the global democratic values.

The group promotes cultural exchanges between USA and India and has arranged lectures on various subjects from politics to Ayurveda in RTP area. We have also hosted student delegations from India to facilitate cultural exchanges between USA and India.

Our sincere thanks to the RTP Community for the support. We take this opportunity to thank HSNC and SEWA International for partnering with us for the USA Hurricane Relief drive.

We look forward to active participation in our programs and your continued support. For more information about India 3-2-1 and its activities, please visit www.india321.com or contact our volunteers.